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Designed by you, built by Us.



Building your dream home with Metronest Homes will give you peace of mind. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We work to the highest standards ensuring that your home is an expression of your taste.

When you start a building project with Metronest Homes, you can be assured of the following:

A Personalised Process

We want to build a home that suits your taste. That is why we only work on new custom-build houses, adding in more inclusions than any other home builder. Whether you are looking for the luxury retreat of a family-friendly home, a townhouse, something modern, or perhaps something in French provincial style, we can build it. We can even ensure all designs adhere to Vaastu and Feng-Shui rules. We build homes you will enjoy living in.

An Expert Partner

At Metronest Homes we work side by side with you, so you can collaborate with our expert architects, builders and interior designers. This is most likely your first time building a property, so we are happy to guide you through it while giving you the creative freedom to decide exactly how you would like to design your dream home. From plans, to the day you open your front door – and beyond – we are there with you.  All to create a home designed by you and built by us.

Financial Security

When you choose to build with us, we will make sure every element of the process is transparent. That means when we commit to prices, we won’t be adjusting them at a later date or revealing hidden costs. In fact, Metronest Homes has more inclusions than other home builders as we believe these touches shouldn’t just be luxuries but available to all our customers.

A structural guarantee

We build homes that last a lifetime. That is why we don’t just give you a structural guarantee, we also offer a 10 years warranty as standard so that you feel you can contact us with any slight adjustments that may arise as your home settles.

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