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Buying a Turnkey Home Package

Rising in popularity and widely considered one of the easiest paths to home ownership, turnkey house and land packages can take the stress out of building a new home. Instead of worrying about finding the right land and then finding the right builder, turnkey house and land packages have the property developer and builder working together to take care of the entire process, delivering your new home in a highly sought after location. At Metronest Homes, we build in Western Melbourne’s fastest growing new estates, and we have a proven history of delivering elegant family homes that suit the lifestyle, needs and budget of every client. Here we will look at turnkey packages and why you should consider one.

What is Included in a Turnkey House and Land Package?

Buying a turnkey package literally means that everything is taken care of, and once the building works are completed, you can ‘turn the key’ in the front door and move straight in without the need to complete any further work. Turnkey packages mean the land has been secured and the house design is already approved, so there are usually fewer hurdles to overcome before construction can commence. But it doesn’t stop there – many standard house and land packages don’t include many of the features you might expect leaving you to finish the work after you move in. Some of the features you can expect to be included in a turnkey property when you move in are:

  • Landscaped gardens
  • Driveway
  • Perimeter fences
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Installed clothesline
  • Numbered letterbox
  • All indoor flooring including carpets
  • Internal blinds and curtains
  • All lighting fixtures and light bulbs

Should I Invest in a Turnkey Property Package?

If you are considering property investment, there are several different options you can choose from. You can purchase an established home, buy your own block of land and engage a builder, purchase a standard house and land package or consider a turnkey package. When it comes to making your choice, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ decision that will make every property investor happy. You should take into consideration multiple factors, including your budget, your desired location, how long you can afford to wait before moving in or having it leased out, and how much work (if any) you are willing to do.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Considering Turnkey Packages

To ensure a seamless process and to make the smartest investment, here are a few common mistakes people make when buying turnkey house and land packages so that you can avoid them.

Not Doing Enough Research – It’s important to research many things, the main ones being the area you’re buying into and the developers in that location. Due to the simplicity of turnkey packages it’s tempting to dive right in and sign the deal without doing your homework and asking enough questions.

Choosing the Wrong Location for Your Lifestyle – You should look to buy into a suburb that is properly planned and has infrastructure already in place or currently under construction. Take the time to think about what you’re looking for before you buy. If you commute to the city on public transport, make sure there are sufficient services nearby. For families with young children, being in close proximity to schools, parks and playgrounds should be a high priority.

Not Checking What is Included in the Purchase – While turnkey homes essentially mean you just turn the key and move in, different builders may include more features than others. It’s very important to check exactly what’s included in your purchase so there’s no surprises at the end. Ask about the little details which may be forgotten such as a clothesline, blinds and curtains, fly screens and a letterbox.

Is a house and land package cheaper? Is a turnkey package worth it? Where can I get the most value for my money? If you are looking to build but are a little uncertain about the process or you’re after some expert advice, Metronest Homes is here to help. Whether you’re in the market for your first house, a dream family home or an investment property, we offer a variety of options including the construction of luxurious custom homes designed to fit the specifications of your land as well as turnkey and fixed-price house and land packages within vibrant communities in the west of Melbourne. Get in touch with us today online or call us on 1300 510 733 for more information.

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