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Different Stages Involved in the New Home Building Process

If you have decided to take the plunge and build a house from start to finish, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to help make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. A great place to start is to have a clear understanding of the all of the different construction process stages so you can know what to expect and be prepared for any challenges that may arise. Metronest Homes is a leading new home builder specialising in elegant, custom house designs that suit your lifestyle perfectly. Here we will explore the main stages involved in the construction of a new home to help you along this exciting journey.


During this stage, earthworks are performed to level and prepare the site and underground connections such as plumbing, electrical, and storm water systems are made. The base stage is complete once the concrete slab is poured. Completion of this stage can take anywhere from one week to one month.


The frame stage is the second step, this is where the frame goes up and your new home starts to take shape. Walls, roofing, insulation, guttering, sheeting and more are all part of this critical phase. The frame can be made from timber, structured insulated panel systems, or steel. Timelines for erecting a frame will vary depending on the size of your home and the frame type, inclement weather can also cause delays. It is important during this stage that care is taken to frame out any niches you may have, such as a shower niche, and anything else that may affect the frame or structure must be completed at this time. You should allow at least one month for this stage, and it is complete once it has been signed off by a certified building surveyor.


Stage three is known as ‘lockup stage’, and here you will get a really good sense of what your finished home will look like. Lockup generally means that the following elements are in place:

  • doors
  • windows and skylights
  • building wrap/wall wrap
  • external walls/cladding/brickwork
  • fascia boards

As windows and doors are fitted, your home can now be ‘locked’, making it completely secure. This stage also includes ‘rough in’ where electrical wiring, plumbing pipes including your gas connection, heating ducts, and cooling are all laid. Lockup is a critical stage in terms of your design and selections, as so much is being prepared before the plaster is installed, it’s important you have everything chosen and ready to go.

Fixing and Fit Off

Depending on your builder, the fixing and fit-off stages may be combined into one or left separate.

Fixing – this involves all the internal details being ‘fixed’ into your home. This includes plastering of the walls and ceilings, installation of skirting boards, architraves, internal doors, stairs and cabinetry. Wet areas will also be waterproofed at this stage.

Fit-Off – this is where internal walls and doors are painted, and the final features are installed – such as shelving, tiling, light fittings, benchtops, tapware, mirrors, shower screens and the garage door. The final fit-off for electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and security also takes place as well as the sanding of floors or installation of carpet.

Practical Completion Inspection

The moment you have been waiting for! With painting, installations, and detailing done, the house is now ready for your inspection. The builder will walk you through all sections of the house, demonstrating all features and functions. Any defects can be noted before signing the official document, and your builder must rectify these before arranging a second inspection. If you are happy with your new home, the final payment is made and you can prepare to move in!


The time has come to collect the keys to your brand new dream home. This stage marks the end of your home building journey and the start of a new chapter in your life.


It’s a legal requirement that Australian home builders offer a period of at least 3 months to fix any areas that need attention after you move in. Your builder will also offer a structural warranty of at least seven years in case of any future structural problems that require repairs.

Start the Process of Building Your Dream Home Today

If you would like more information or a further breakdown of stages of building a new home or if you have general enquires relating to the building time frame, get in touch with the team at Metronest Homes today. With many years experience of delivering luxurious custom homes throughout the west of Melbourne, we have the knowledge and expertise to create stunning homes on time and on budget. Get in touch with us online or call 1300 510 733 today.

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