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Do I Need an Architect to Design My Home?

Great design can be the difference between a home that functions for your lifestyle, and one that doesn’t. Additionally, a great house design will stand the test of time as well as ensure effective use of space and maximum energy efficiency. So how do you ensure the best design possible when planning your new home? The answer is to engage an architect or house designer that is highly skilled and experienced in the both the style of home you want and the location in which it will be built.

Metronest Homes is one the leading new home builders in Melbourne’s west and we have designed and crafted hundreds of beautiful homes for many happy clients. Let’s take a look at the different options available to design your new house to help you decide which is the best for your situation.

Independent Architects

Architects are extremely passionate about design. Imaginative and creative, architects have studied design for many years and are experienced in working to design brief to deliver a truly remarkable structure. If you are unsure of the type of house that will work for you and place high value on aesthetics, use of space, energy efficiency, shadowing and are after something that’s a little different to other cookie-cutter homes, it may be worthwhile to invest more resources at the design stage of your home by hiring an architect.


With the innovation of computer aided drafting (CAD), draftsmen are now highly experienced and capable of designing building structures of all types, albeit of a simpler nature than those designed by architects. If you know what you want and you are content with a modified version of a similar house template, there’s no reason to spend a small fortune on an architect – a draftsman is more than capable of completing the required plans for your home.

A Full Service New Home Building Company

A specialised building company that offers design, project management, technical expertise and professional contractors for domestic building projects of all sizes and styles will streamline the building process. Not only will the stress of finding the right architect be removed, you will have access to skilled architects and designers who understand the location in which you are building, know your budget restraints and importantly, work cohesively with the rest of the construction team on a daily basis.

With a team consisting of in-house architects, interior designers, construction managers, engineers and tradespeople all working in harmony to deliver the best result for their client, you can be sure a top new home building company will complete your home to the highest standard and in the quickest timeframe possible.

At Metronest Homes, our in-house architectural team is highly skilled and professionally trained to turn your vision into reality. Guiding you through the design and planning process they apply innovative and creative thinking to maximise light and space, improve functionality and achieve the best return for your investment. Collaborating with our engineering and construction professionals throughout the entire build from start to finish, you can be sure the end result will be an impeccably finished home that functions for your family now and into the future. Servicing Rockbank, Tarneit, Wyndham Vale and surrounding suburbs in Melbourne’s booming West, get in touch with our team today by calling 1300 510 713 or enquire online now.

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