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Designing the perfect modern home for a growing family

The key to designing the perfect contemporary family home is in ensuring that it benefits your family now and into the future. A growing family requires a custom home design that will allow them to adapt to the changes that come over time. What’s more, the home needs to be adaptable itself, allowing parents to alter, change and shift any living conditions within a day’s notice.

Metronest Homes, as one of Melbourne’s premier custom home builders, designs stunning homes for growing families, allowing them to create a space that perfectly suits their lifestyle and changing circumstances.

Here are our tips for designing the perfect modern home for a growing family.

An adaptable design is imperative

The most important thing to get right when designing your “growing home” is ensuring that the design is suitable for when your kids are little bubs as well as when they’re getting older. This, of course, comes down to where you place both yours and your childrens’ bedrooms.

Although you may want to have your kids as close as possible when they are babies, this might not be the case as they start to reach teenhood. The solution? Building an adaptable nursery that can be easily converted into a study once your children are old enough to move into their rooms that are situated further away from yours.

Sizing is also important when designing your kids’ rooms. Kids often stay at home into their early 20s these days, so it is important that you design a room that can accommodate different furniture requirements.

For example, your child may only need space for a single bed and desk when in primary school and into early high school. However, as they get towards their mid-late teens they will probably require a double bed to get a proper night’s rest. Ensure that you allow for at least 3×3 metres of space so that your kid can stay comfortable in the same room over the years.

Keep it open

Parents, you know it, we know it – you are doing many things at once. Modern life is different to what it used to be, with parents able to work from home whilst managing the often stressful tasks that come with parenthood. At any one moment you might be on the phone with a client, discussing a project, all the while you are pouring out a sachet of Rafferty’s Garden for a hungry bub.

Your home’s design should reflect the ongoing task management that comes with being a working parent. To do this, ensuring your kitchen/lounge are centre points of the home is vital. This means ensuring that you can see all internal/external play areas from at least one of these spaces, as well as building a work in one of them to allow for adequate supervision.

Make it durable

There is nothing worse than designing a home that looks stunning and stops right there – a home that looks stunning. Building with shoddy materials will only show over time, make sure you choose a reliable builder who uses quality materials to ensure your home is prepared for the knocks and bumps that are destined to happen over the exciting years to come.

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