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Home Design Options for Sloping Blocks

Building a home on a slope can be incredibly challenging for the architect, builder and homeowner. Building on a slope involves a raft of extra duties including shifting materials up and down said slope, carving out the land and designing the home to ensure the benefits of building this kind of home are truly realised.

As one of Melbourne’s leading custom home builders, Metronest Homes has extensive experience in designing homes that are situated on slopes, slants, hills – anywhere there is something resembling that of a 25 degree angle. We revel in the opportunity to create something new and exciting for a homeowner that truly appreciates the land they have purchased and the work we do there.

Here are some of the challenging, albeit incredibly rewarding, home designs that are situated on a slant.

A home builders dream

Metronest Homes revels in the difficulty a slanted home design provides. It allows us to truly work our creative muscles and overcome challenges that simple horizontal land doesn’t provide. What’s more, there is nothing more satisfying for a home builder than to see the end result: a beautiful home situated on a piece of land that allows for stunning views and beautiful vegetation.

There are numerous home design options for building on a slope, including:


By extending the home up and above the slant’s end, you are creating a feeling that your home is far above ground and providing ample views of the world around you. Cantilever homes not only allow you to enjoy the slanting space below the projected structure, but also look stunning from the outside, giving your home an artistic, modernist feel.

Nature homes

In Australia, slanted homes are especially popular in the country, where the hilly space and surrounding bush allow for a beautiful, tranquil home designs many people in the city dream of owning one day.

Slanted homes allow for homeowners to build into the land, as opposed to clearing it for the construction of the home itself. Many Australian homeowners choose to work their slanted home around surrounding bushland to create a feeling of being in nature when inside the home. What’s more, if your land contains a prominent tree, you can build your home with large windows to face the tree, giving you the feeling of owning an adult treehouse.

Creative splendour

Slanted homes allow for architects to open up their inner-Gehry. The slanted space means architects have to think outside the box regarding the design, and the space itself opens up whole opportunities to create wonderful, incredibly artistic homes that seem to sprout from the land like a surrealist painting.

Of course, these styles aren’t for everyone, as many people prefer to maintain their home as a space of rest and relaxation as opposed to an abstract work of art, but for those who do want to create something unique the slanted home is the perfect canvas.

Built into the slope

Some home builders around the world are choosing to build into the slope. This can be a wonderful way to build for people who live in countries where it gets incredibly cold and the home can benefit from the natural landscape’s insulation. The homes will often be dug into the hill with large windows to allow for full viewing of the stunning surrounding landscapes – perfect for snowy winter nights.

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